Our story

After our son stopped making eye contact, I wanted to make my wife a gift involving this picture

I also wanted this gift to praise her for being an awesome mother. And there are some epic quotes about moms.

And with all kinds of "inspiration" all over the house

I came up with this design. Then years later, after some compliments on the design, I decided to start Storied Affect.

Storied Affect original gift, son to mother frame, quotes about mom

We all want to help the world be a better place and Storied Affect gives us a great tool. In time we can use this tool as a megaphone and a funding source for change. Our first goal for change is the creation of a National Autism Scholarship. 

We can use the success of Ohio’s Autism Scholarship as a template, which has made a huge difference in so many lives. This program has created an ecosystem that helps parents and schools navigate the rising wave of ASD.

We are at the beginning of this journey and our first step is to build awareness and support. One path we are pursuing goes through Bobby Scott, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor. He has a track record of successfully updating existing education law and would be a key figure in adding language to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 

Please help us build support by signing the National Autism Scholarship petition. If you feel you can help this effort further please email us at affect@storiedaffect.com.

Thanks for your support!